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unsolicited advice

Don’t write alone. I was my most prolific as a child, when I read everything I could find and wrote down everything I thought. In gentle competition with my twin sibling, we were often surrounded with pens and pencils and the dot matrix printer paper that came in a miles-long continuous sheet. We learned the … Continue reading unsolicited advice

race me

I thought back to this summer, to the rhetoric that has defined the popular anti-racist movements of my lifetime. ‘Black Lives Matter’ should be the bare minimum, and yet it’s an obsessively contested statement, fiddled with and fucked with and undermined.

Take a wander into your personal history — where has racism touched your life? What did the Black Lives Matter protests of this summer bring up for you? Go straight to the feelings.

Living by the sea

I think my lungs are sea shells. They breathe easy when there is salt in the air. They breathe deeper- right to the core of my body. And when they breathe out, my worries are taken away on the wind. – the shape of lungs and the shape of shells

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