It was like spring out in the garden this afternoon and an old plane even did an obliging fly past or two. It made me think summer is not far away but of course it is and there is a winter to be got through first. I like the idea of winter – warm fires and hot chocolate – but not the reality of cold winds and grey days or perpetual rain showers when you can’t even enjoy a walk along the coast. I have found pleasure in foraging for walnuts this week. I feel guilty that I might have deprived others of the pleasure of funding a walnut but then I didn’t want to just leave them for the traffic to run over like the shattered remnants of the others in the road. But last year there were none to find and this year started with two or three and ended up with a nice haul for Christmas. The worry is that the abundance of nuts and berries at the moment means it is going to be a long winter, compounded by daily new regulations to ward off the Covid. I’m hoping for some nice warm sunny autumn and winter days to fend off the gloom and take a brisk walk along the beach, which always revives my spirits.

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