Outside the Dentist

A woman in a purple ski jacket smoking a fag:
“Don’t let them make you feel bad in there. They tried to do it to me but I told them what for. Why do they think I didn’t bloody look after my teeth? I could hardly look after myself. And then I had the babies well they got all the looking after I could do. And then well, you just don’t think about yourself when you’re a mum do ya? So when me teeth started going all wobbly I came here and him in there he gave me into trouble and it was like I was five again. And he was me old man.
“I told him I said: it’s what you’re doing right now, making me feel bad that stops people coming to the bloody dentist. He told me to stop shouting. I wasn’t even shouting. If I had shouted them bodies over in that graveyard there would’ve heard me. But what can I do? Can’t go nowhere else. This government, they’ve run the NHS into the ground. He said I’m going to have dentures or I can get implants. Three grand an implant. And all because of me not thinking I’m worth nothing. I didn’t look after meself because I didn’t think i was worth it.
“But it’s changed now. Hell yes. I put myself first now. And it’s all right you know. I think I’m all right now. So I won’t let someone like him in there make me feel small. He knows now. He knows to keep his mouth shut. And I said, I said to him in there, you ought not to do that. Cos there will be others who won’t come back. They won’t want told off. They’ve had enough of that in their lives. So don’t do it. And he looked all…he looked shame-faced he did. I don’t want that. But I just want him to stop making people feel shit about themselves. Cos loads of us do already.”

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