Return to the office

It is day 3 of the return to the office. This morning, a senior manager asked me how I was finding it. ‘Ok’. She said that didn’t sound promising, and asked me to talk to her. ‘You haven’t provided the appropriate equipment for me to do my job, and we can’t meet people who are also in the office in person, because the rooms are too small, so I don’t understand why we are here.’ It’s only day three, she said.

This afternoon, a recruiter called, to ask about my job search.

This evening, I called him back, explaining I could not talk earlier, because I had been at the office. He said that was strange, and asked how the office was. ‘Horrible’. He said it sounded like he had called at the right time.

Sometimes it would be easier to simple evaporate than to spend one more moment working for these ghouls.

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