Another work meeting is about to start.

Panic sets in. Crap! Are we meeting on Zoom? Or MS teams? Or Skype? Jitsi? WhatsApp? Facebook Messenger? Telephone? MSN Messenger? Carrier pigeon? Telegram?

I find the invite. I’m late.

I sit there on mute for an hour, me and dozens of others watching the back-and-forth between the only two people who really need to be in that meeting.

My mind wanders, and I remember that communication from a colleague that I need to respond to. I keep my eyes on the camera as I sneakily open the laptop. It’s just out of view as I scroll through my Outlook email. Hmmm… it’s not there.


I start searching the phone. Did they Text? No. Facebook post? No. Insta DM? Twitter DM? WhatsApp? Skype? Messenger? Yahoo? GMail? Hotmail? Voicemail? Snail mail?

I heard some dude is teaching law on Tik Tok. I resisted Snapchat. I thought I’d won.

In the last few weeks I’ve navigated four different types of video editing software; three types of recording software; three types of online meeting software; new virtual learning environment software; new accessibility software; learned how to host a website; how to upload videos; how to do online quizzes, how to do online forums, how to do online supervisions, how to do online data management, how to re-write all my lectures so they’re in smaller chunks, how to do break-out rooms, how to adapt my assessments, how to host online drop-ins; how to run online seminars, how to take online attendance. I have more monitors in my house than doors and I’ve paid for my teaching materials myself.

I should be prepared. I should be prepared? I should be prepared!!!

I am exhausted. But apparently, I am only going ‘back to work’ next week, and I’m lazy for not making efforts to see my students in person in class.

Working from home? Ha! This is beyond ‘living at work’.

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