Micro and macro

I feel very small. There’s so much shit going on in the world and it feels like I can’t do very much to change it. But someone spoke to me the other day about the idea of micro and macro change. Macro change is governmental or worldwide change: something that changes thousands of people’s lives at once. Micro change is something with a smaller reach: maybe its action that directly helps one small community of people. This Someone said that if we each do our little bit – using our social platforms, asking questions of those in and outside of our social groups, signing petitions, donating – then we can affect macro change. But we also become a lot more powerful in terms of the change we can enact when it comes to micro change. Setting up a food kitchen or a clothes clinic or a reading group is an action that will only affect a small amount of people. But it will have a big impact in their lives. It’s direct. It’s quick. A change, done by you, is visible. The Someone said that she does micro actions to make sure that she stays hopeful. To change the world is to have both micro and macro actions happen. Does that make sense? I hope it does.

Antidiary is my micro change. It might not change the world, but it might change some people’s experience of it.

Love, power, strength and softness to you all

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