What is the Antidiary?

The Antidiary: Writing for our times is an online platform where people write their diary entries to be shared with the world. Daily diary entries will be added from people across Folkestone and beyond, creating a space where you can make connections, check in, vent your emotions, and contribute to an archive of our times.  

In our online society, it feels like we are further away than ever from other people. The Antidiary aims to use the internet to create real connections and care, and provide a space where people can talk about their day with no pressure or expectations. When you write amongst other people, you are part of a community.  

You can post your diary entry with your name, or you can post anonymously.

There’s no pressure to write everyday, or to write a long, wordy entry. Your diary entry could be a sentence long or a page long.  

The Antidiary is a space to hear other people, and be heard. We hope to see you there.

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